[Album] sayCet - Through the Window

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] sayCet - Through the WindowArtist: sayCet
Album: Through the Window
Label: Mvs
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / IDM
Release Date: 2010-03-22

Saycet is the project of Pierre Lefeuvre, a french music composer hailing from Paris who cut his teeth listening to Boards of Canada and Múm. His first solo album entitled One Day at Home resulted in nine atmospherical tracks, evoking abstract landscapes and fairy tales for adults from song to song.

Warmly acclaimed by the critics (One Day at Home has received special attention from the national press, notably from the printed media references TRAX and Les Inrockuptibles), Saycet’s first full-length has managed to capture the frailties of a lifetime. Both fleecy and tensed, elusive and introspective, the songs that compose One Day At Home sublimate melancholy and solitude. Saycet’s music is an invitation to daydreaming and would perfectly lend itself to the soundtrack of a contemplative walk.

Now joined by vocalist Phoene Somsavath who brought her delicate signature, Saycet embraces vivid arrangements and crafts a brand of experimental pop. With discrete vocal samples that breeze in and vanish, waltzing melodies, layered keyboards and detailed electronics, Saycet takes the listener on a timeless journey. The one-year-long collaboration has given birth to a second album to be released THIS year.

As a live act, Saycet is also comprised of VJ Zita Cochet, whose video projections emphasize the cinematic aspect of their music. The images are colourful shapes and shades, bright lights fading out playing hide-and-seek with the melodies, and underline the poetry of their universe.

Like a cocoon we feel comfortable enough within to let our emotions soar and our imagination wander, Saycet is on track to become a safe bet amongst the most captivating acts of this year.


01. 15
02. Easy
03. Bruyere
04. Opal
05. Her Movie
06. We Walk Fast
07. And Mama Said: "It's Amazing"
08. Sunday Morning
09. Daddy Walks Under the Snow
10. Fireflies
11. Kien-Lang
12. A Night With Trees

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