[Album] Scouting For Girls - Everybody Wants To Be On TV

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] Scouting For Girls - Everybody Wants To Be On TV Artist: Scouting For Girls
Album: Everybody Wants To Be On TV
Label: Sony
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2010-04-12

The new Scouting For Girls album, produced by Andy Green at Helioscentric Studios in East Sussex, is an unshakeably bold, confident, and a genuine step up in sound that loses none of the band's early charm, but builds and expands upon it as infectiously as only they know how to be.

It is also a hugely optimistic record, at odds with the uncertainty Britain faces in 2010. If Scouting For Girls are the everyday guys that have obtained the unobtainable, they have consistently done it with a smile on their faces, and with feet firmly on the ground.

If the success stories of X Factor are indicative of today's pop music, then Scouting For Girls represent the other side of what British pop has to offer. By their own admission, the trio would be unlikely to get past the first stages of X Factor's auditions, and yet are no less successful in uniting a nation hungry for uplifting and heart-warming pop music.

The album opens on the first single, 'This Ain't A Love Song', a hugely powerful, soaring song and a strong example of Scouting For Girls' ambitious new sound. 'Little Miss Naughty' has already become a live favourite from its very first play, and crams more bouncing melodies into its three minutes than any number of established songwriters thought possible.

ôFamousö is Scouting For Girls at their most unashamedly uptempo, a 'Video Killed The Radio Star' for the 21st Century, it's refrain of 'we all want to be famous, we all want to be on TV' is an observation on a generation who cannot get enough of reality television and the urge of having the spotlight shine on them no matter what the consequences.

Where Scouting For Girls haven't previously ventured is into ballad territory, and 'Take A Chance On Us' is their first torchlight anthem. Fans will recognise it from the band's last UK tour back in 2008, where it had instantly become a sing-along by the end of the first chorus. Re-shaped and with alternate lyrics it has transformed into a soaring, strings-laden skyscraper and acts as a timely breather ahead of the 100mph guitar romp and album closer, 1+1.

'Everybody Wants To Be On TV' is testament to the perseverance of these three best friends from Harrow that booked their own shows in the local pub for 10 years before their big, deserving chance. It is not something Roy, Greg or Pete are willing to relent on just yet as they write a bright new chapter of British pop for 2010.


01. This Ain't A Love Song
02. Little Miss Naughty
03. Goodtime Girl
04. Famous
05. Silly Song
06. On The Radio
07. Blue As Your Eyes
08. Posh Girls
09. 1+1
10. Take A Chance

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