RomCenter v3.50

RomCenterRomCenter v3.50 is released.RomCenter is an application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems, designed to help you maintain and organize your emulators roms collection for various gaming systems including computers, consoles, arcade, calculators and handheld. You can add additional systems through external datafiles available on a lot of sites.

RomCenter can audit your games and report which are working or not. It can fix problems such as bad name, missing roms available elsewhere, and clean your set by removing useless or bad roms and files.

RomCenter v3.50 Changelog:
- Move to delphi 2010
- update to firebird 2.1.3
- Add new zip component
- Lower threads priority
- Add romcenter instance detection on startup
- Fully disable form during fix operations
- Multithreaded test files
- Multithreaded roms import
- Multithreaded test files
- Multithreaded rename file
- Add pause in operations threads
- Fix abort not always work
- Fix bad error message when a path is not available
- Fix 'File not found' with CHD folders
- Fix 'arithmetic overflow'
- Fix 'ambiguous field' error when creating dummies
- Fix error when opening unavailable folder in explorer
- Fix incomplete file creation when roms are corrupted
- Fix a memory leak in multithread
- Fix renamed files listview not updated
- Fix various threads problems
- Fix test operations
- Fix cpu 100% load during pause
- Fix error with readonly files
- Fix unknown roms sometimes not removed
- Fix some problems with samples
- Fix Bad files color when missing roms and bad case roms
- Fix Invalid token in comments
- Fix problem when merging two files in some case

Download: RomCenter v3.50

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