[Album] Midas Fall - Eleven. Return And Revert

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] Midas Fall - Eleven. Return And RevertArtist: Midas Fall
Album: Eleven. Return And Revert
Label: Monotreme Records
Genre: Indie Rock / Post-Rock / Progress Rock
Release Date: 2010-04-19

"Fronted by inimitable Elizabeth Heaton, she surprises with a strong display of vocals, asserting her position throughout the album...the debut from this Edinburgh quintet remains an engrossing listen..." Rock Sound magazine

"Midas Fall has crafted a great piece of art with Eleven. Return and Revert, and just like Edinburgh’s stunning architecture, the band’s music stands out like a beautiful landmark...captivating and eerie...a heartbreaking masterpiece..." Delusions of Adequacy

"Listening to the album is an intentionally dark experience but there’s no sense of contrivance or insincerity and there’s a lot to admire in the complexity of song structure and harmony. ‘My Radio Star’ and ‘Nautical Song’ in particular, are stunningly accomplished and demonstrate hallmarks of the band’s sound.

Eleven…is an overwhelmingly enjoyable and notably competent debut and shows a band with an intricate understanding of their own style. The challenge will be to go even better than this in future." - 9/10, Is This Music?

"Post-rock goodness with a haunting female vocal that puts me in mind of Liz Frazer (Massive Attack)...very beautiful and emotive..." - Gill Mills, NME Radio / Best Of MySpace Podcast

"Atmospheric without being meandering pointlessness, dark and cryptic without being pretentious, Midas Fall do a great job of referencing so many similar bands from years past while fully sounding like their own entity as well. So impressive." Go211.com

"There are moments of release, but the album as a whole is quite introspective. Its fragility is such that you could imagine these songs shattering if you held them in your hands. However, this only serves to add to the beauty contained within. ‘Eleven, Return and Revert’ is something special: diverse, disturbed and often devastating, but always awe-inspiring." Music Fan's Mic Blog

"From the first bars to the last beats, Midas Fall’s Eleven. Return and Revert is an album I can’t get enough of. The complexity of musical depth and the authenticity of emotion is stunning." Rock 'n Roll Ghost

"Normally words like melodic and haunting in press releases are bywords for bland, but in this case, these adjectives are compliments. I sincerely hope that not only the Scottish blogging community but the Scottish music loving populace and further afield will take them to their hearts. They deserve it." 17seconds.co.uk

"Haunting and heartbreaking...with elements of Mogwai, Radiohead and Portishead being heard, Midas Fall are able to carve out their own originality... Unlike some bands who fall into the trap of ripping their influences off, this band put them to good use." 10/13 Roomthirteen.com

"There are some mesmerising moments in their alternative rock repertoire, which is shaped by Elizabeth Heaton’s elastic vocals (which in their mellower moments recall Beth Gibbons’ blood-curdling croon) and Rowan Burn’s fluid guitar-work, and the band show bags of potential."Earz Mag

"Nice smooth progressive pop featuring the slightly ghostly vocals of Elizabeth Heaton...the folks in Midas Fall write and record music that sounds something like Portishead, Bat For Lashes, and Radiohead (we would also throw in Bjork and Curved Air for good measure).

'Eleven. Return and Revert' features complex musical arrangements that remind us of many British progressive bands from the 1970s...but the sound is dramatically more slick and modern. Nice subdued heady stuff..." Babysue Magazine (online)

“Get ready for the sonic architecture that is Midas Fall, taking you on a post-rock odyssey enchanted by Elizabeth Heaton's soaring and Beth Gibbons-esque vocal” Spoonfed London

"Midas Fall also prove that they evidently know a thing or two about how to create a song that’s both radio friendly and progressive at the same time. Piano-led torch song ‘17’ builds and mutates, adding glitchy electronica and culminating in an explosively electrified ending. ‘Eleven. Return and Revert’ is a diverse and mesmerising debut, with music oscillating between mellow and epic." Altsounds.com

"The melancholy building of the songs on the debut album from Scottish alternative art-rockers Midas Fall are like a combination of British catalysts Hope for the States and the female-fronted rockers Flyleaf...This is a stunningly melodic debut from, of all places, Edinburgh, Scotland." Ink19 Blog


01. MovieScreens
02. Century
03. Bright Lights Will Harm No-one
04. Nautical Song
05. My Radio Star
06. Half Horizon
07. War Pigeon
08. Fog Sky Nun
09. 17
10. Stalking Moon

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