ClrMamePro v3.134

EmuCR:ClrMameProClrMamePro v3.134 is released.ClrMamePro is a so-called ROM-manager. With every new release of MAME a lot has been changed. New gamesets have been added, some have been removed, etc.

ClrMamePro v3.134 changelog:
* added: support for mess software lists (either as hash/*.xml file or via -listsoftware output)
* misc: don't show archive errors for no entries in rar part files (partxx.rar format only)
* misc: 64bit version uses version64.ini and version.ini as fallback
* misc: slight speedup for several routines
* misc: showing chd region count in title when not enabling all
* misc: trim filenames in dats and remove "." from end of folders and files in datfile
* fixed: wrong "illegal download" message on clean install
* fixed: rare wrong named chd stats count

Download: ClrMamePro v3.134 32bit
Download: ClrMamePro v3.134 64bit

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